Legal Directories Consultancy

We provide legal directories consultancy services, with bespoke solutions to suit your needs. Our work is totally personalised, which allows us to provide services to firms of all shapes and sizes.

In a world where the legal market gets more competitive by the day, you have got to stand out from the crowd. We amplify your voice and tell your story in the right way. Providing you with the best submission you have ever had.

Workshops: legal directories best practices

Online or in-house, Danielle Vidigal and Marco Guasti share their best practices to make the whole legal directories submissions process less expensive and more convenient to your law firm.

Such training benefits all people with a stake in the submissions process, including partners, marketing staff and general support team members. Our content is always tailor-made to suit your firm’s particular interests and needs.

As well as the training session itself, we offer a Q&A session at the end. This session is highly beneficial, as all attendees feel free to share their previous experiences with legal directories and receive individualised advice provided by legal directories consultants with over a decade of experience combined.

A well-informed team is an engaged team. An engaged team generates positive results.

Among the topics we cover are:

  • What legal directories are and why you should take part in their research process
  • Rankings criteria
  • How to create submission content that will portrait your firm’s work accurately
  • How to choose the best names for a referee spreadsheet and improve your rankings
  • What to do after sending the referee spreadsheet and submission
  • Beyond the rankings: what else legal directories can offer
  • Q&A session


Managing your firm’s image is an essential part of every business plan. A professional image is conveyed when your communications are well written, coherent, concise and grammatically accurate. Precise messages that are geared towards your targeted audience.

Press releases, internal newsletters, websites, social media content and more: we can create and edit copy for all your internal and external communications channels.

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