This year I have decided that I will go all in and invest.

Firstly, I will invest in offering new services to my clients. Having studied the needs of the legal market for some time, I have seen there is an increasing demand for services such as coaching, personal branding, digital marketing and social media management for lawyers and their law firms. Consequently, I will be investing in expanding Vidigal Marketing‘s service offerings in this direction. I will also reach out to countries I have not yet connected with.

Secondly and, perhaps, most importantly, I have decided that this is the year I am going to be investing in the most important and most valuable asset I have: myself. I am starting an MBA soon and will further develop other skills through formal courses and self-studying (which is something I love and have always done). I am already taking part in some mentorship programmes with market-leading figures. All of which not only guarantees that my clients can have ground-breaking, high-quality services, but is also a great excuse for me to do one of the things I like and value the most in my life: to self develop and learn new things.

As part of this new business phase, Vidigal Marketing has changed its logo and visual identity. We are now putting the finishing touches to the company’s new website. Soon, I will be officially launching the new website and talking about all those new services offerings. There will also be some digital products available to you – but this is a surprise for later.

2019 is already a busy year and I am most excited about the challenges and opportunities ahead. There is so much on the horizon for myself and Vidigal Marketing. In investing in my business and myself I am investing in my clients too.

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